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The practice areas listed below are not all inclusive and do not always involve litigation.  I have a general practice in civil litigation and civil disputes, which means you can contact me to discuss any legal problem you have.  If it involves something outside my skill set, I'll refer you to a colleague who can help you. The most important thing to remember, though, is to contact me sooner rather than later.  The longer you wait, the harder it is to efficiently resolve the matter.  Click here to schedule your free initial consultation.
Family Law 


Family law involves all of the rights, duties, and financial issues arising from family relationships including marriage, divorce, the parent-child relationship (custody and support), and relationships with extended family members, such as grandparents. My own divorce changed my perspective on the emotional and financial impact of matters involving family law and guides me in my representation of clients facing these issues.  If you find yourself in a dispute related to family law, contact me.


Guardianship & Probate Law


Oklahoma's probate courts handle guardianships  of children and adults and the administration of the estates of people who have died. In guardianships, one person is given legal responsibility for the care and management of another person or the property of another person, known as the ward.  The ward is either a child or an adult who is incapacitated either mentally, physically or both.  In probates, the court supervises the administration of estates of people who die either with a will or without a will or any other form of estate planning, such as a living trust.  Probate cases are often used to clear up title to real estate and mineral interests, as well.  If you have a question about guardianships or probate, contact me.



Wrongful Death & Personal Injuries


I've recovered millions of dollars in compensation for clients with claims arising from the wrongful death of a loved one or personal injuries caused by another's negligence.  These claims involve car wrecks, railroad crossing collisions, dangerous premises, and other negligent conduct which results in bodily harm or death.  If you, a friend or loved one have been injured because of somebody's negligence, contact me. 

Real Estate Law

​Real estate law involves anything related to the sale, purchase and ownership of land and the improvements constructed on land.  My experience in handling real estate cases includes reviewing abstracts and issuing title opinions; writing contracts for the purchase and sale of property; landlord/tenant issues related to commercial and residential property; zoning and planning issues; mortgage and other lien foreclosures; easement and boundary disputes; condominium disputes; homeowners association management; eminent domain (government taking of land for a public purpose); Section 1031 like-kind exchanges of property; and, actions to quiet title to property.  If you need help in a real estate matter, contact me.


Insurance Claims

Lawsuits often arise when your insurance company unfairly denies a claim you've made against an insurance policy you purchased. These cases can involve claims against insurance companies arising from fire or other damage to your home, car or other property; claims against life insurance policies; claims under automobile insurance policies; and disputes with health insurance companies.  Insurance companies have a duty to handle your insurance claim fairly and in good faith.  When they don't, they are subject to being sued for damages caused by their bad faith handling of your claim.  If you think your insurance company is treating you unfairly, contact me.

Business Law

In my practice, business law covers just about anything arising from commercial and consumer activities, including the creation and organization of business entities; contract preparation and review; wrongful termination of employment; discrimination in employment; consumer claims under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Uniform Commercial Code; and, commercial claims under the Uniform Commercial Code.  If you have an issue related to your commercial or consumer activities, contact me.



Below are links to some cases and verdicts that represent a small sample of the types of cases I handle.  

Meghan Coves Association, Inc. vs. Meghan Coves Property, Inc., 2002 OK CIV APP 63, 50 P.3d 226 (Action involving dispute over rights and duties under the Oklahoma Unit Ownership Estate Act)


Watkins vs. Watkins, 2007 OK CIV APP 122, 177 P.3d 1114 (Action to enforce an order for property division alimony in a divorce decree)


Vertex Holdings, LLC vs. Cranke, 2009 OK CIV APP 10, 217 P.3d 120 (Action involving claim of trespass and damage to property from installation of septic line)


Mansur vs. PFL Life Insurance Co., 589 F.3d 1315 (10th Cir. 2009)(Action to enforce provisions of a long-term care insurance policy)


Buttery vs. Kansas City Southern Railway Co., Case No. CJ-2003-795, Sequoyah County District Court, State of Oklahoma ($4,000,000.00 jury verdict in wrongful death action involving train/truck collision at railroad grade-crossing)


Ponder vs. J. Brotton Corporation d/b/a Caravan Cattle Company, Case No. CJ-2008-1316, Tulsa County District Court, State of Oklahoma ($50,000.00 jury verdict for assault and battery by bouncers at dance club and malicious prosecution of criminal charges)

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